2016 Community Donations Total Announced

2016 donations are record amount!

Chilimania is proud to announce the full list of 2016 donations made to the community and various service groups.

A total of $19,175 was donated or awarded in the past year. Those monies were split between college scholarships for high school seniors ($10,500) and donations to 20 Edgerton-area community organizations and service groups ($8,675).

This is the most money that Chilimania has ever given back in a single calendar year! This success is all thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and the money spent by Chilimania attendees that allow us to give back — and increase those amounts — year after year.

High school scholarships

In May 2016, seven (7) Chilimania scholarships, each with a maximum value of $1,500,  were awarded to deserving Edgerton High School seniors to assist them with their college tuition costs.

This was the second straight year that Chilimania has increased its scholarship awards — from $9,000 for the Class of 2015 to $10,500 for the Class of 2016 — and we are pleased to say that we plan to award $10,500 again in May 2017!

Groups that received donations

The following groups and organizations received a monetary donation from Chilimania in 2016. They are, in no particular order:

  • Edgerton Community Fund
  • Fulton Varsity Club
  • St. John’s Lutheran Church
  • Edgerton HS Band Boosters
  • Edgerton HS Football Boosters
  • Masonic Lodge of Edgerton
  • Fulton Church
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Arts Council of Edgerton
  • Gifts for Kids
  • Edgerton HS Baseball Boosters
  • City of Edgerton Holiday Lights at Central
  • Edgerton Community Outreach
  • Edgerton School District – Wartmann Endowment for EPAC
  • Edgerton Fastpitch Softball
  • Friends of Silverwood Park
  • Edgerton Little League Baseball Inc.
  • Edgerton Teen Center
  • Edgerton Golf Boosters
  • Josh Anderson Memorial
  • Edgerton FFA Boosters

Thanks once again to everyone who attended, volunteered, competed, sponsored or otherwise supported Chilimania in 2016. We look forward to doing it all again in 2017!

Chilimania 2016 Cook-Off and Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who competed, judged, or just came downtown Edgerton to partake in this wonderful festival we call Chilimania. Without you all, we would not be able to do what we do, and raise as much money for college scholarships and donations to other community-based organizations.

Thank you from everyone at Chilimania! And without further adieu, here are your 2016 winners:

2016 Chilimania Winners


    1. Terry Brookens – Milton, WI **2016 CASI WI State Champion**
    2. Tim Hoffman – Oxford, WI
    3. Bill Pierson – Batavia, IL
    4. Richard Geiger – Midlothian, IL
    5. Kenny Jones – Reidsville, NC
    6. Jim Weller – Rockton, IL
    7. Racael DeGrand – Edgerton, WI
    8. Tania Gross – Stoughton, WI
    9. Ken Blaida – Streamwood, IL
    10. Marvin Charleston – Milton, WI


  1. Bill Pierson – Batavia, IL
  2. Heather Asplund – Edgerton, WI
  3. Cheryl Pierson – Batavia, IL
  4. Kenny Jones – Reidsville, NC
  5. Rick Geiger – Midlothian, IL
  6. Tim Hoffman – Oxford, WI
  7. Larry Patnoe – Beloit, WI
  8. Marvin Charleston – Milton, WI
  9. Highwood Association – Edgerton, WI
  10. Don Weber – Livingston, TX

CASI Showmanship

  1. The Walking Dead – Keith Conroy, Edgerton, WI (captain)
  2. Duck Dynasty – Randy Seitz, Racine, WI (captain)
  3. Highwood – Annette Johnson, Edgerton, WI (captain)


  1. Kurt Baumgartner – Stoughton, WI
  2. Nikki & Bruce Matejka – St. Paul, MN
  3. Kim McKinney – Janesville, WI

Best Booth

  1. Casey Longhenry – Edgerton, WI (Billy Buster Chili, Booth #35)
  2. Randy Seitz – Racine, WI (Duck Dynasty, Booth #1)
  3. Jessica Ryckman – Edgerton, WI (Chili Casino, Booth #52)

People’s Choice

  1. Annette Johnson – Edgerton, WI (Highwood, Booth #3)
  2. Gordie Rusch – Edgerton, WI (Booth #23)
  3. Casey Longhenry – Milton, WI ((Billy Buster Chili, Booth #35)


Follow along with our #Chilimania2016 live blog

You’ve waited all year long, and it’s finally here — Chilimania 2016 is officially under way in downtown Edgerton!

The chili is cooking, the beer is flowing, and live music is set to begin soon. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, so there’s no excuse not to make your way to Chilimania on this fine late-summer Saturday!

We’ll be posting updates throughout the day (or as long as our smartphone batteries will allow), so if for some reason you’re Chilimanianot able to join us, you can still take part in the fun. Check back often!


Blaze of Glory

The Bon Jovi Experience!

Appearing at Chilimania 2016 on the Main Stage from 9 p.m. to midnight.

About the Band

Blaze of Glory THE Bon Jovi experience is an incredible almost uncanny reproduction of a live Bon Jovi concert. In fact they are so true to the actual artist that they were selected to appear on AXS TV’s nationwide live broadcast World’s Greatest Tribute Bands over every other Bon Jovi tribute band in North America, followed by headlining the California State Fair and even going international playing the Miller Light Experience in San Pedro Sula Honduras! Couple that exposure with drawing tens of thousands of fans to festivals and events across the nation every year and you’ve got the go to Bon Jovi tribute band.

Formed in January 2007 Blaze of Glory features the vocal talents of Trae Doss, channeling the signature larger-than-life showmanship of Jon Bon Jovi. Completing the amazingly realistic harmony pairing of Jon and Richie is guitarist Roy Lee Nelson who delivers the soulful guitar and vocal styling of Richie Sambora seemingly effortlessly.

On keyboards, Boris Korol has painstakingly recreated the sounds and effects in order to emulate the textural artistry of Dave Bryan. Bassist Dave Harvey flawlessly executes the tasteful and intricate driving low end tones made famous by Hugh McDonald. Flash and panache have nothing on Wayne Stokely who brings to life the hard-hitting, solid rhythm, and energetic playing style of drummer Tico Torres.

Blaze of Glory members all have years of live performance experience among them and they are all very dedicated to recreating the feeling and sound of Bon Jovi. Live shows from coast to coast and north to south have made this the ultimate Bon Jovi tribute band in America.

A Taste of What You’ll See at Chilimania

Altered Five

Milwaukee’s Rockin’ R&B Band

Appearing at Chilimania 2016 on the Main Stage from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Proclaimed “a staple of the Midwest’s band scene” and “a festival favorite” by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel in 2012, Altered Five’s delectable brew of blues and soul is now quickly gaining national attention.

The group’s third album, Cryin’ Mercy, was produced by Grammy-winner Tom Hambridge (Buddy Guy, Susan Tedeschi, James Cotton, etc.) and released in October 2014. It reached #3 in the iTunes blues store and hit #1 on the Roots Music Report radio chart.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, frontman Jeff Taylor’s voice is “gloriously gritty.” The Shepherd Express simply states he sounds like “a voice from Stax/Volt 45s.” Downbeat magazine raves that Jeff Schroedl’s “high-wire guitar reaches the high bar of mixed invention and fluidity,” while Blues Bytes magazine states that the group features “the funkiest rhythm section outside of Memphis.” The band won “Blues Artist of the Year” at the 2014 WAMI Award Show, and Cryin’ Mercy won “Best Self-Released CD” at the 2015 International Blues Challenge.


Separate Ways

“The” Journey Experience!

Appearing at Chilimania 2016 on the Main Stage from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

About the Band

SEPARATE WAYS is a 6-piece Tribute to one of the 80′s most influential bands – JOURNEY! Formed in 2005 at the request of numerous agents throughout Wisconsin, “SEPARATE WAYS” has quickly become one of the most respected tribute bands in the market, winning the coveted 2012 AND the 2014 WAMI award for the best tribute band in Wisconsin.

Built around an arsenal of multiple WAMI award winning musicians, “SEPARATE WAYS” incorporates forceful vocals with dynamic players, who together recreate the JOURNEY sound that we all love.

It’s that definition that is brought back to life with love and respect from not only the players on stage, but the crowd that waits in anticipation as well, As the lights go down and the crowd rises to their feet, an event is unfolding…

“Break those chains that bind you, one night will remind you how we touched and went our … SEPARATE WAYS.”

A Taste of What You’ll See at Chilimania

Giving Back to the Community: 2015 edition

Thank you for helping Chilimania have a great 2015!

The Edgerton-area community and Chilimania have had a terrific history of supporting one another for many years. Thanks to the continuing support of our community we are able to give back in many ways, including $9,000 in scholarships to graduating high school students in 2015.

Donations to community groups in 2015

In addition to the scholarships, in 2015 Chilimania, Inc. has contributed over $7,100 to the following groups and organizations:

  • The Tider Baseball Booster Club
  • Sterling North Book & Film Festival
  • Edgerton Hospital Capital Foundation
  • Edgerton Tobacco Days
  • Gifts for Kids
  • Edgerton Area 4-H Boosters
  • Edgerton Library
  • St. John’s Lutheran Church
  • Tider Football Booster Club
  • Fulton Lodge #69
  • Wartmann Performing Arts Series
  • Edgerton Teen Center
  • Edgerton Community Outreach
  • Arts Council of Edgerton
  • Edgerton Band Boosters
  • Edgerton School District (for the electronic sign and the high school store project)
  • Fulton Church

We have a special announcement!

Chilimania is also proud to announce that we are adding yet another scholarship in the amount of $1,500 to a graduating Edgerton High School senior in 2016. This will bring our scholarship total to seven, totaling $10,500 to help our graduates pay for college!

Without the support of our community, Chilimania, Inc. would not be able to give back in all of these marvelous ways. Thank you for another wonderful year, and see you on Sept. 10, 2016 for the 27th annual Chilimania!

Make a donation and help us give back even more.

2015 Chilimania Cook-off winners, by category

Announcing the Chilimania 2015 winners! Visit our Past Winners page to view a complete list dating back to 2005.

CASI Chili:

  1. Steve Dixon – Summerfield, NC (Booth #21)
  2. Cheryl Pierson – Batavia, IL (Booth #57)
  3. Kenny Jones – Reidsville, NC (Booth #22)
  4. Bill Pierson – Batavia, IL (Booth #57)
  5. Jim Weller – Rockton, IL (Booth #48)
  6. Kurt Baumgartner – Stoughton, WI **2015 CASI WI State Champion** (Booth #9)
  7. Tania Gross – Stoughton, WI (Booth #47)
  8. Georgia Weller – Rockton, IL (Booth #48)
  9. Deano Stronach – Stoughton, WI (Booth #10)
  10. Tracy Jones – Jefferson, WI (Booth #45)

Traditional Chili:

  1. Jim Weller – Rockton, IL (Booth #48)
  2. Bill Pierson – Batavia, IL (Booth #57)
  3. Cheryl Pierson – Batavia, IL (Booth #57)
  4. Steve Dixon – Summerville, NC (Booth #21)
  5. Gordie Rusch – Edgerton, WI (Booth #23)
  6. Kurt Baumgartner – Stoughton, WI (Booth #9)
  7. Todd Newill – Rockford, IL (Booth #52)
  8. Bill Bishop, Jr. – Franklin, WI (Booth #6)
  9. Tim Hoffman – Oxford, WI (Booth #41)
  10. Tracy Jones – Jefferson, WI (Booth #45)

CASI Showmanship

  1. Todd Bequette – Milton, WI (Booth #58)
  2. Keith Conroy – Edgerton, WI (Booth #3)
  3. Randy Seitz – Racine, WI (Booth #1)

Best Salsa

1. Todd Bequette – Milton, WI (Booth #58)
2. Randy Seitz – Racine, WI (Booth #1)
3. Larry Butcher – Janesville, WI (Booth #62)

Best Booth

  1. Randy Seitz – Racine, WI (Booth #1)
  2. Adam Wilcox – Madison, WI (Booth #50)
  3. Graham Smith – Edgerton, WI (Booth #49)

People’s Choice Chili

  1. Gordie Rusch – Edgerton, WI (Booth #23)
  2. Matt Kinas – Madison, WI (Booth #54)
  3. Kurt Baumgartner – Stoughton, WI (Booth #9)

Congratulations to all the contestants!

Follow our Chilimania 2015 Live Blog

You’ve waited all year long, and it’s finally here — Chilimania 2015 is officially under way in downtown Edgerton!

The chili is cooking, the beer is flowing, and live music is set to begin soon. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, so there’s no excuse not to make your way to Chilimania on this fine late-summer Saturday!

We’ll be posting updates throughout the day (or as long as our smartphone batteries will allow) so if you’re for some reason not able to join us, you can still take part in the fun. Check back often!


2017 Sponsors

Carolina Reaper Level ($5,000+)

Reitz DentalBud Light

Ghost Pepper Level ($2,000 - $4,999)

2 Brothers Downtown Pub & GrillNew Composite Partners

Habanero Level ($1,000-$1,999)

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