The Led Zeppelin Show!

Appearing at Chilimania 2017 on the Main Stage from 5:30-8:45PM.

About the Band

Kashmir was formed in late 2001, after guitarist Frank Livingston decided to form a show based on substance and feel rather than just “fitting the suit.”

“It is important to look the part, but way too often tribute bands seem to forget that without the sound, the look does nothing,” according to Livingston.

Kashmir is a very entertaining, high-energy show bringing only the best of LED ZEPPELIN to their fans. The band’s goal¬†is to recreate the experience of a 1970s Zeppelin show utilizing authentic vintage stage gear, costumes, and special effects, with great attention to detail in a non pretentious way.

Most importantly, Kashmir does not take liberties on improving the music. Led Zeppelin should be played as it was using only the equipment of the era, and should be reproduced dead on with great respect and admiration. “It’s not about us, it’s about Led Zeppelin,” Livingston said.

KASHMIR performs Led Zeppelin’s entire catalog including Led Zeppelin’s classic movie, “The Song Remains The Same.”

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